Wednesday, February 8

Long Island Students Honored For Work on Mosquito DNA Sequencing


A group of three young students from Cold Spring Harbor Central School District will have their work on mosquito DNA sequencing entered into a database of the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a component of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Because their work was of such high quality the NIH accepted it for the database which will be accessible to other scientists who can use it for applications and further studies. 

“Therefore, in a very real sense, this contribution to the field will be a perpetual testament to the talent and devotion of the students, as well as to the guidance of their teachers,” a statement released by Suffolk County Legislator Stephanie Bontempi (R-18th L.D.) said in announcing the news.

“To say that these young ladies are inspiring is an understatement,” said Bontempi. “The fact that such an accomplishment was achieved before even graduating high school is mind boggling. At this rate, these students are without question on track to even greater contributions to the field of science in the very near future.”

The students whose work was accepted, Sophie Cohen, Veronica Walkin, Jenna Schetty and Madison Brass, were honored by Legis. Bontempi earlier this month for their research.

“There are a lot of naysayers surrounding the up-and-coming generations,” added Bontempi.  “All one has to do is look at these individuals and he or she will immediately realize that we will be in good and capable hands in the years to come.”


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