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Legislator Lafazan Proposes Bill to Educate Nassau County Residents about Rip Currents


Nassau County Legislator Joshua A. Lafazan announced a new bill named Alexandra’s Law after a young woman named Alexandra de Moura who died in August of 2019 after getting caught in a rip current while on vacation in Mexico. Alexandra was a graduate from Garden City High School in 2013 as well as an incredible gymnast and leader at George Washington University.

Alexandra’s mother, Josephine de Moura, has taken her and her family’s grief over the loss of her daughter and has translated that grief into action. Josephine has made it her mission to promote the importance of education about the dangers of rip currents and the potential for them to be underestimated. Alexandra was only in a few feet of water when her fight with the rip current began.

The bill mandates beaches in Nassau County display large signage stating the dangers of rip currents, as well as ways in which a person can escape a rip current. Additionally, Lafazan proposed that the Nassau County Department of Parks and Recreation create educational materials involving rip currents to be taught in schools throughout Nassau County.

“I’m filing a bill called Alexandra’s Law in honor of Alexandra’s incredible memory and her legacy,” said Lafazan. “We must learn from this horrible tragedy and work to prevent what happened to Alexandra from happening here in Nassau. As the weather warms and residents head back to our beaches in full force, we must renew calls for conspicuous signage and conspicuous flags to warn people of the dangers of rip currents, while also developing curriculum to be taught in our schools to protect our children and prevent the next tragedy before it happens,” continued Lafazan.


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