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Center Moriches Nursing Home Residents Isolated for Nearly a Year Receive nearly 100 ‘Balloon Buddies’ to Lift Spirits


Family visits for residents at the Oasis Rehabilitation and Nursing in Center Moriches have been locked down for nearly a year. Visits from loved ones are through a window, or with a FaceTime phone call. It’s easy to think that the outside world has all but forgotten these nursing home residents. But smiles and joy were delivered on Friday, February 12 to the residents as more than 100 “Balloon Buddies” arrived, as part of an international Adopt a Grandparent campaign.

The smiling balloon creations are a gift from the dozens of community groups and individuals, including Moriches Rotary, William Floyd High School Honors Society, The Vineyards and All Star Physical Therapy, and family and friends. The Buddies were created by Annie’s Balloons. Balloon professionals have joined together from across the world to help fight loneliness and spread some joy through the Adopt a Grandparent Balloon Buddy campaign.

Balloon Buddies are created from balloons much like a magician might fashion a balloon animal. They look like little people with a big smile.

Amy Mahnken, administrator for Oasis Rehabilitation and Nursing said, “The residents are going to be so happy. It will ma make their day. They haven’t seen their families in almost a year, so this is something to put a smile on their face and keep them company.”

Several of the sponsors of the Balloon Buddy Adopt a Grandparent Program joined in to help with the delivery of the balloons. Including: Barbara Caldwell, vice president of the Moriches Rotary and Muriel Corcoran, past president of the Rotary; Laurie Burns from the Vineyard; and Kim Ragone from All-Star Physical Therapy.

Mercedes Morano of Annie’s Balloons delivered the nearly 100 Balloon Buddies.

Oasis Rehabilitation and Nursing is located at 6 Frowein Road in Center Moriches.


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