Saturday, October 31

Vintage Military Escort Provided Security as Shipment of Valuable Mallomars Arrived on Long Island


A convoy of vintage military armored cars recently delivered cases of Mallomars, the historic 107- year old dark chocolate-coated marshmallow and graham cookie, to a Stop & Shop on Long Island.

Because of the enormous demand by Mallomar devotees who are forced to wait an entire year for the seasonal treat to arrive, Stop & Shop arranged for safe and secure transport. The cookies were offloaded from historic World War Two armored military vehicles by WW II Army reenactors.

Mallomars were first produced in 1913, in Hoboken, N.J., and the greater Long Island – New York City metropolitan area still accounts for more than 70 percent of all international Mallomar consumption.

A century ago, the cookies were baked and shipped only during cooler months because they might melt. While temperature-controlled transport is now the norm, Mallomar continues the tradition, selling between September to April, which only sustains the sense of urgency that when the treat is ready its best to ensure they arrive safely with a “military” escort.


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