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Trendsetting Financial Planning Firm Establishes Local Roots


Marathon Wealth Management, Inc. is pleased to announce it is now offering financial life planning services in Melville, NY. Managing Director and Certified Financial Planner (CFP ® ) Aaron Lieberman and his team of financial industry veterans are spearheading a new age of financial planning, one marked by client-centric fiduciaries who put their clients’ needs ahead of their own and help members of the community connect money with values and confidently live fulfilling lives.

“Financial advice should always place the best interests of the client first,” said Lieberman. “I
came from a larger firm that followed a suitability standard, meaning that, as long as the advice being given was deemed suitable, it didn’t have to be in the best interest of the client,” he continued. “As someone who always placed their clients’ needs ahead of my own, I knew there was a better way to serve individuals and families seeking financial advice; thus, I founded Marathon Wealth Management.”

The leadership of Marathon Wealth Management consists of Lieberman, a 20-plus-year veteran of the financial industry, and Diana Rabin, Vice President of Operations, who handles the firm’s day-to-day operations and client interactions. The team also extends to industry professionals across the United States.

“Strategic relationships with other industry experts are crucial to the work we do,” said Lieberman. “They allow us to offer more resources to our clients and work more efficiently to meet their needs.”

One of the strategic partnerships Marathon Wealth Management has formed is with WealthShield. “WealthShield works with Marathon to build customized investment solutions for their clients,” said co-founder Clint Sorenson. “Instead of building one-size-fits-all models, Marathon partnered with us to assist in bringing the appropriate technology and intellectual property together for the benefit of the individual client,” he continued. “Now, the client can have not only have a plan that aligns with their goals, values and life stage but also a custom investment portfolio.”

Through his relationship with Marathon Wealth Management, Sorenson has noticed the alternative approach the firm takes compared to its competition. “Most wealth management firms operate as sales organizations for investments because that is how they are trained,” he said. “Marathon takes a truly holistic approach by diving deeper to understand the intricate connections between life and money.”

Marathon Wealth Management also places a strong emphasis on client education and provides clients with educational tools and resources to help them navigate their financial life journeys. “I believe clients should be well-informed,” said Lieberman. “Financial life planning requires collaboration between clients and advisors. I aim to educate my clients so they are able to make confident decisions with their money.”

To that end, Marathon Wealth Management has partnered with Money Quotient, which, according to Vice President Amy N. Mullen, “provides a research-driven and evidence-based process that helps clients gain clarity about the life they really want and identify specific aspirations to strive for.”

The team at Money Quotient also writes articles about life and finances, which Lieberman summarizes and distributes to his clients as a resource. “Aaron and his team are wholeheartedly invested in the well-being of their clients,” said Mullen. “They are sincere in wanting their clients to live fulfilling lives and view themselves as partners in helping them get there,” she continued. “To them, financial resources and strategies are simply tools to designing and reaching a meaningful and enjoyable life.”

Another partnership that Lieberman deems imperative to the work Marathon Wealth Management does is with Liberty Fi, a company that, according to their CEO, Walter “Trey” Ruch, “enables successful adoption and use of the Envestnet suite of investment management, financial planning, compliance and data integration tools.” Through his relationship with Marathon Wealth Management, Ruch has worked hand-in-hand with Lieberman and his team to help meet the needs of hundreds of clients. “The likelihood of facilitating future financial goal achievement in the most tax-advantaged way is heavily dependent on the advisor’s commitment to spend the time necessary on the front-end of the process before ever actually
taking the first investment steps,” he said. “Aaron lives, breathes and practices according to this holistic approach.”

With a foundation built and a strong client base, Marathon Wealth Management is poised to move forward and help clients integrate their life plans with their financial plans. “I believe the work we do is important,” said Lieberman. “When a client calls me to let me know they reached a goal or were able to support a successful life transition, it brings me great joy. It reminds me why I love what I do.”


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