Wednesday, February 8

Garbarino Presses for Full Repeal of Bail Reform and Increased Funding for Law Enforcement


Today in a Joint Legislative Budget Hearing on Public Protection, Assemblyman Andrew Garbarino (R,C,I-Sayville) called for the repeal of the bail reform law to be included as part of budget negotiations. Since its enactment, the law has required hundreds of dangerous and serial criminals to be released shortly after their arrest. In many cases, these perpetrators were arrested again soon after for another crime. The assemblyman further pressed for increased funding for law enforcement and the criminal justice system as a whole, which has been inundated by the additional policing and management of paperwork and discovery mandated by the bail reform law.

“New York must repeal bail reform now. It is disappointing to the public that there are no concessions on correcting the troubling law, even though there is a clear outcry from the public to repeal it,” said Garbarino, who sits on the Assembly Committee on Codes. “People are tired and, honestly, worried that dangerous perpetrators have been released after committing awful and repeated crimes. Bail reform is creating a crisis. New York must fix it now.”

Numerous reports have been made by the media all throughout the state that individuals are being released as required by the bail reform law, despite having committed significantly dangerous crimes in full disregard to the safety of others. These crimes have included manslaughter through drunk driving, hit-and-run deaths, domestic violence incidents, the promotion of child pornography, assault and hate crimes. Local police have had to increase policing just to keep up with the individuals who keep getting rereleased after numerous arrests.

Garbarino is committed to a full repeal. His legislation, A.8855, would repeal the bail reform law in its entirety.


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