Thursday, December 1

Long Island’s Alec Baldwin Hustled at Statue of Liberty


“Give me your tired ..Your Poor ...Your Suckers

With apologies to Emma Lazarus whose poem is inscribed on the Statue of Liberty … we added : “Your Suckers,” because it turns out Long Island native Alec Baldwin was hustled by a fake Statue of Liberty tour operator while out sightseeing with his wife and kids.

Baldwin says in an Instagram post that the family dolled out “more than $40 per ticket for a tour of Liberty Island — but instead found themselves being escorted toward a bus bound for New Jersey.”

Baldwin, upset over being swindled, went on to explain on Instagram that the family instead opted for the Staten Island Ferry, which offers a view of Lady Liberty — for free.

To quote another famous saying:  Caveat Emptor :  Let the buyer beware!


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