Sunday, February 23

Docs Turn To Software To Collect on Medical Bills


Collecting medical bills isn’t fun for anyone involved – whether it’s the health care provider or the patient. And collection calls are among the more hated rituals in our nation’s health care system.

Henry Schein, however, has rolled out software that should take a little bit of the pain out of paying, making it a little easier for patients to settle their bills and for providers to get paid.

The Melville-based company has begun marketing software known as CueSquared MobilePay that lets patients access and pay bills anywhere and any time, potentially increasing providers’ revenue, accelerating payments and reducing collection costs.

CueSquared MobilePay turns patient statements into SMS text-based statements that can be used to pay bills without having to log into a portal or download an application.

Following a medical visit, Henry Schein said, patients will receive a text notification advising them that a payment is due. They can also view their payment history, statement details, and pay with one click.

“Collecting payment can be a daunting task, and it’s often a hassle for patients to make online payments,” said Michael Casamassa, vice president of solutions and planning for Henry Schein Medical, the company’s U.S. medical business.

He added that this software can help providers “maximize practice efficiency, so they can focus their time on patient care.”

Providers using the software also should be able to track revenue cycles and identify trends better, according to the company.


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