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Andy Sabin Leads Tiger Salamander Walk in Bridgehampton on Feb. 11


Bridgehampton’s Andy Sabin – a respected herpetologist President of The South Fork Natural History Museum & Nature, and respected expert in the field – will lead his annual walk into the nighttime woods in search of the largest of Long Island’s native salamanders, the endangered eastern tiger salamander.
This annual foray into the forest gives nature enthusiasts the opportunity to see this salamander as it makes its way to the pond to mate and lay its eggs.  Attendees are encouraged to bring a flashlight and wear boots, as late winter rains will make the ground soggy.
**This walk will take place ONLY if there have been heavy rains.**
The tiger salamander, which in New York is only found on Long Island, spends most of its life underground. In Long Island, it emerges from its burrow in February or March to migrate at night, usually during rain, to the breeding ponds. After a brief courtship which consists of the male pushing his nose against the female’s body, eggs are laid in a mass and attached to twigs and weed stems under water.
Hatching occurs after approximately four weeks and the larvae remain in the ponds until late July or early August. After this time, the larvae transform into air breathing sub-adults measuring between four and five inches and leave the ponds at night during wet weather to begin their underground existence. It takes four to five years for the salamanders to reach sexual maturity and they may live for 12-15 years.
PRICE: Adults $15 / Children $10.
WHERE: The South Fork Natural History Museum & Nature Center, 377 Bridgehampton / Sag Harbor Turnpike in Bridgehampton, New York
WHEN: Saturday, February 11, 2023
TIME: 7:30 PM ET
TICKETS: To register for this program, please email or call 631-537-9735.


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