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Legislator Bontempi Applauds Work of Historic Northport Farm, Seeks Funding for Improvements


As an avid fan of history and lover of our animal friends, Suffolk County Legislator Stephanie Bontempi (R-18th LD) recently visited the Lewis Oliver Farm in Northport for a tour. Guided by some enthusiastic farm volunteers, Bontempi got to see the ins and outs of who and what makes this special local attraction function year after year.
“I have been here a bunch of times in the past with my children when they were little,” said Bontempi. “There is just something about this place that is so peaceful and wholesome.”
In order to preserve this former dairy farm dating back to the late 1800’s, it was jointly purchased years ago by the Town of Huntington and Suffolk County.  Although it is owned by the Town and the County, a bulk of the activities and maintenance are performed by volunteers of the Friends of the Farm, a non-profit organization.
The farm has numerous historic elements on the premises, ranging from the structures to a wide variety of artifacts related to the period of the farm’s original operations. Additionally, the historic property serves as a farm animal rescue center, offering hope for animals that would otherwise have unthinkable fates.While all of this activity is great for the animals and the community that it serves, the facility needs constant maintenance due to the expected wear and tear.
“Quite recently, my colleague in government, Huntington Town Councilman Sal Ferro, brought the farm’s need for better heating equipment to my attention,” added Bontempi. “Therefore, my visit today wasn’t only to evoke some nostalgia. I wanted to see what the needs are firsthand, as I am working to secure funding in the Suffolk County budget to address the matter. This place deserves our collective attention and support.”
Legislator Bontempi strongly encourages everyone to stop by the farm and maybe even consider volunteering. For those interested in learning more about the Lewis Oliver Farm and the Friends of the Farm, visit:


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