Thursday, August 11

Samanea New York: Long Island’s Newest Entertainment Destination


Samanea New York has signed a lease with RYCO’s Escape Room & Lounge, a premiere entertainment destination offering an immersive experience with four escape rooms and a bar/lounge area. The 4,297 square-foot space will be located on the property’s second level.
“We’re very excited to welcome RYCO’s Escape Room & Lounge to Samanea New York. Our centralized location and vibrant co-tenancy was a definite selling point for RYCO’s, and will help build brand awareness for this first-of-its-kind entertainment destination,” said Dominic Coluccio.
RYCO’s Escape Room & Lounge is a premiere escape room and entertainment destination, offering an immersive end-to-end experience with four initial escape rooms and a bar/lounge area. Co-owners and Long Islander’s Ryan Clifford and Dakota  & Oher are renowned escape room enthusiasts that have collectively completed over 250 escape rooms across the US, Canada &; Mexico. They have designed and executed 12 unique escape room concepts that have been successfully brought to market in university and camp settings. Rycos is expected to open its doors in early 2023.
“Ryan and I are excited to leverage our combined knowledge and passion to deliver a first-in-class, immersive experience to Long Islanders,” said Cody Oher, Co-Owner. “High customer demand for escape rooms continues, especially on Long Island, but only RYCO’s provides the extension of a social atmosphere through our bar and lounge. We’re confident that Long Islanders are going to enjoy the experience.
Moving ahead, we plan to roll out additional locations. We will also prioritize engaging with the community by giving back and providing fundraising opportunities, hosting corporate events and
parties, and generally being partners in Long Island& shared success.”
According to Oher, an escape room is an interactive live action gaming experience in which a team must work together to solve puzzles, complete riddles, discover clues, and accomplish tasks aimed at the hopes of attaining a certain thematic goal, such as “escaping”, finding a cure, or saving the world. Escape rooms present a safe and creative means for small social gatherings and teambuilding opportunities.
Expanding its ongoing “pop-up” entertainment event offerings, Coluccio also announced that Zabo Circus Productions will be coming to Samanea New York on July 30 th and 31 st for two special performances – the first time Zabo Circus will be performing on Long Island.
Based in Brooklyn, Co-Owners “Zabo” and Miles Thorn are experienced entertainers in the circus business for over 15 years. Zabo Circus guests will experience a 90-minute show including aerial performances, a straight-jacket escape, balance acts and more. The circus performance will take place in Samanea New York’s second floor unused food court area, which Coluccio recently leased to Gravity Vault, expected to open in 2023.
The Museum of Urban Arts, a cultural education institution created in part to exhibit artwork installations from renowned street art and urban artists, will also be on-site on July 30 th to offer circus fans a unique opportunity to view and then purchase artwork, some of which is circus themed.
For tickets to the Zabo Circus, click here.


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