Saturday, June 25

County Executive Bruce A. Blakeman Signs Monumental Agreement Between Nassau County, Judea, and Samaria


Nassau County Executive Bruce A. Blakeman has joined with Yossi Dagan, Chairman of the Shomron Regional Council (That governs Samaria), to sign an Economic and Cultural agreement between Nassau County, Judea, and Samaria.

This agreement will establish a long-term relationship of cooperation and friendship based on the principle of equality in sovereignty with Judea and Samaria. The Palestinian Authority and the international community do not recognize Samaria, which is part of the Jewish homeland.

Samaria is the central region of the Land of Israel, bordered by Judea to the south and Galilee to the North. Nassau County is home to approximately 230,000 Jewish Residents, including some of the largest Synagogues in the United States.

County Executive Blakeman is Nassau’s 1st Jewish County Executive.

County Executive Bruce Blakeman said. “Today I was proud to sign a friendship, economic and cultural exchange agreement with Judea and Samaria from Israel.” Blakeman continued. “I want to thank Shomrom Regional Chairman Yossi Dagan for traveling to Nassau County to sign this monumental agreement, and for his leadership and friendship. I look forward to a long and prosperous partnership between our two governments and people.”

Yossi Dagan, Chairman of the Shomron Regional Council said. “If we work together, we can win. We have the same values, the same enemies and the same ideals. I want to thank County Executive Blakeman for helping to arrange this agreement and for his strong support of Shomron. Today we are stronger, because together, all of our residents will win.”

“Today we expand and continue building on our strong friendship. It is my hope that Judea and Samaria will continue to be successful in the strengthening of their way of life. For Nassau County and the Shomron Region, this partnership will enhance trade, security, agriculture, heritage and cultural diversity.” said Legislator Mazi Pilip

“County Executive Blakeman doing this is so significant. Everyone out there, just saying “I support Israel” is very nice and a good start, but this is called action. Today we say to the over half a million people who live in Judea and Samaria that you are not alone, we the people of Long Island, of America, we are with you.” said Dov Hikind Former New York State Representative.


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