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Come See Three Boeing EA-18G Super Growlers at American Airpower Museum


American Airpower Museum (AAM) is proud to announce that three Boeing EA-18G Growlers, a specialized carrier-based electronic warfare adaption of the two-seater F/A-18F Super Hornet fighter aircraft, will visit the Museum over Memorial Day Weekend at Hangar 3, Republic Airport, from Friday, May 27th through Monday, May 30th.  The three advanced Navy aircraft are scheduled to arrive at AAM late Friday afternoon and will remain on display until late Monday afternoon on AAM’s ramp.  Can’t get to Jones Beach Air Show during Memorial Day Weekend?  Don’t want to watch aircraft wiz by from a distance, anyway?  The solution?  Visit AAM and get up close and personal with these Growlers, ask questions of their crews, grab photo ops with pilots, etc.  Please be advised these Growlers are exclusive to AAM and are not performing at the Jones Beach Air Show.  In addition to the Growlers, AAM is also flying its own iconic bombers and fighters at the air show this year!
Long Island’s aviation enthusiasts will be happy to know that AAM once again is fielding its fabled “Arsenal of Democracy” Warbirds squadron as part of the Jones Beach Air Show.  But, if they can’t make it to Jones Beach, they can come to AAM Friday, May 27th and watch our Warbirds perform practice flybys at Republic Airport all day long.  Then on Saturday and Sunday, fans can hang with us at Hangar 3 to watch our aircraft take off, one after the other, and head south to perform over Jones Beach.  They will thrill as our Warbirds return, touch down and taxi back to Hangar 3.  You can even applaud as pilots and crew disembark from their steeds!  AAM Warbirds flying in the air show on Saturday and Sunday are: a B-25 Mitchell Bomber; Douglas C-47 Skytrain troop transport; Grumman TBM Avenger Torpedo Bomber; P-51D Mustang Fighter; Curtiss P-40 Warhawk Fighter; and two AT-6 Texan trainers.  (Attached is the press release we previously emailed to you.  Let me know if I should resend photos of AAM’s seven Warbirds to you.)
A big thrill for AAM visitors is that “California Tom Cruise,” the celebrated Tom Cruise impersonator, will spend Sunday, May 29th at the Museum to meet and greet fans for photo ops, just two days after the long-awaited TOP GUN Maverick movie launch!  Plus, every paying Museum guest (18 and over) during Memorial Day Weekend, will be entered to win the NEW Cockpit USA Movie Hero Top Gun CWU, a replica of the Special Flight Jacket Tom Cruise wears in his latest blockbuster movie!  Cockpit USA is AAM’s sponsor and official supplier of flight jackets to the U.S. Air Force.
Just to give you a taste of the visual impact these Growlers will have for military aviation fans, included below are two hyper-links from last year’s AAM programming during the 2021 Jones Beach Air Show.  Last year we had two EA-18G Growlers visiting the Museum’s ramp for the show’s duration.  The presence of these two supersonic electronic warfare aircraft drew hundreds of fans to the Museum.  We hope you decide to send camera crews to AAM on May 27th, to record these incredible jets as they zoom in from the west, bank over Republic Airport and descend to park on our ramp!


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