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Crime is on the rise here on Long Island and now that it’s vacation time, you need to consider how you’re going to protect yourself, your family, and the things that matter most. All Action Alarm has been the leader of protection on Long Island for over 40 years. There is a lot of misinformation being spread about how to protect your home. DIY systems are quick to install…but are they effective? Do they provide police station monitoring? Are they easy for potential burglars to override?

All Action Alarm takes matters of security very seriously.  So seriously, they created a completely personalized system to educate you on how you should look at security and protection for your family, fur babies, and your belongings. They take pride in removing obstacles, eliminating frustration, and minimizing the stress around what can be a scary conversation.

All Action Alarm’s Umbrella of Protection highlights that the most important layer of protection is safety. Ensuring that you have immediate safety is key to protecting your family. They also point out specific ways to secure your safety. One way is to test and check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. Home fire alarm systems from All Action Alarm can detect the presence of smoke, carbon monoxide, and fire, and they are monitored by highly trained staff. In case of fire, our 24/7 central monitoring station will dispatch the fire department to your home. They also install medical alert systems with 24-hour personal emergency reporting that ensures an immediate response in case of medical emergency. All Action Alarm makes it possible that even if you are unavailable, you can still ensure your loved ones are safe.

Additionally, All Action Alarm provides protection against burglaries at any time of the day or night. With round-the-clock video surveillance and a video monitoring system, whether the incoming company is friend or foe, you will never feel uneasy about leaving the house. All Action Alarm makes safety completely accessible by syncing your new alarm system to a home security app. The app gives you the ability to check the status of your system, arm or disarm security, manage users, receive event notifications, create favorites, and much more from the palm of your hand!

Unfortunately, natural disasters and extreme weather conditions are unavoidable when you live on Long Island. Whether it be a fallen tree or flooding, All Action Alarm also provides the right procedures to protect you against the forces of nature.  All Action Alarm’s Umbrella of Protection can save you thousands of dollars in damages or lost goods in the event of extreme weather. Their monitored environmental sensors prevent excessive damage to your home.

Often people don’t look to make informed decisions about their security until their neighbor or someone they care about has experienced a loss or an invasion. Don’t wait to have these conversations with All action Alarm. Let them educate you.

All Action Alarm has been family-owned and operated since 1980. Over the years, they have gained extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of electronic alarm systems. Growing from a one-man operation to a fully staffed company, All Action Alarm has made it their mission to service and protect all their customers.  They offer a superior 115% guarantee that the client will be comfortable and happy with their decision to go with All Action Alarm. When you are buying an alarm system, you are not just making an ordinary purchase. You are getting peace of mind that your family and home are protected 24/7. All Action Alarm’s Umbrella of Protection makes it so there are no guessing games and homeowners always are at ease knowing they are safe. Take a peak at our video for more information or visit our website.



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