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Pegalis Law Group – Serving the Medical Malpractice Needs of Long Island Residents Since 1972


When it comes to continued health and wellness, the trust we place in the medical community is paramount; however, when a doctor or hospital fails to live up to their responsibilities or any reason – resulting in a detrimental effect upon your personal wellness – it’s vital to have knowledgeable legal representation to ensure you are properly compensated.
When it comes to protecting the rights of Long Island residents and diligently serving their medical malpractice needs, there are few legal firms that can do so with the degree of proficiency and care as Pegalis Law Group, LLC, based out of Lake Success, NY.
Originally founded in Great Neck, NY in 1972 by Steven Pegalis – who was one of a handful of attorneys representing plaintiffs in medical malpractice cases at the time – Pegalis Law Group’s concentration includes all types of medical negligence cases according to Annamarie Bondi-Stoddard, Esq., Pegalis’ Managing Partner.
“We have represented children and their families in many different types of birth injury cases.This includes injuries resulting from oxygen deprivation during the birth process, causing cerebral palsy and brain damage, as well as physical and neurological injuries such as Erb’s Palsy, which is a traumatic injury to the baby’s cervical nerves, causing injury to the arm,” she said. “We have represented families who have lost a wife and mother during the birth process itself. We also handle many cases involving the failure to timely diagnose and treat different types of cancers, leading to the need for more aggressive treatment and decreased life expectancy. Other cases include emergency room errors, anesthesia errors, neurosurgical errors, failure to diagnose and treat cardiac conditions, as well as any unintentional outcomes resulting from medical treatments.”
Bondi-Stoddard noted that Pegalis Law Group has many attributes that set the firm apart from many others in the same field, with the goal each and every time being to get their clients the judgment that they rightly deserve.
“We maintain a unique approach to client service rarely seen by law firms today. From the very first phone call, the prospective client speaks with an attorney who assesses whether or not the case may involve medical negligence. At that point, if further investigation is warranted, a meeting is set up, which is completely without cost to the client,” she said. “If we feel there is a basis to proceed, the pertinent medical records are obtained and reviewed in house and then sent out to medical experts for review. No case is pursued unless we have experts in the particular area of medicine who are supportive and ready to testify in court if a trial is necessary. Throughout the process, the attorney is in close contact with the client so that all questions and concerns are answered. We have a high case success rate and we have even taken client’s cases that were turned down by other attorneys and obtained positive outcomes via settlement or jury verdict.”
Medical malpractice is actually very common, Bondi-Stoddard said, and there are numerous important factors that can contribute to the amount of money that swift legal action can provide for you.
“Medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. today, behind only cancer and heart disease.The most common types are delayed diagnosis and treatment of cancer or cardiac issues,” she said. “Compensation is case-specific and depends on the injuries. Compensation can include an amount for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, as well as compensation for loss of earnings, medical expenses and equipment. In the unfortunate situation when a parent or spouse dies as a result of medical negligence, there can be additional compensation for loss of household services, support, and parental guidance. The more devastating the injuries, the higher the compensation.”
If you have been a victim of medical malpractice, Bondi-Stoddard noted, it’s vital that you take steps to address it as quickly as possible before it’s too late.
“Medical malpractice claims have a strict statute of limitations. Failure to file by the specific deadline can ban your claim from being pursued,” she said. “Talking to an experienced medical malpractice attorney as quickly as possible ensures your compliance with the statute of limitations and other pre-lawsuit criteria. Different entities have different statutory requirements in New York State.”
Bondi-Stoddard said that, despite the hard work associated with her profession, she nonetheless gets a great deal of satisfaction from helping people right the wrongs that have been committed against them through negligence on the part of doctors, nurses, and any other members of the medical community that the public depends upon for their health and well-being.
“Having represented hundreds of patients and families over the last 30-plus years has brought me great satisfaction.Patients often are not told that their doctor or medical provider made an avoidable mistake,” she said. “Without an attorney who is dedicated to finding out the answer to what really happened, they are left with often life-altering injuries and financial devastation. I cannot change what happened to them or take their pain away, but I can help to make the quality of life for themselves and their family members a bit better.”
“The attorneys and staff at Pegalis Law Group have worked together for many years and are dedicated to achieving the best possible results for each client’s situation. Many of our clients are still in touch with us, many years after their cases have resolved,” Bondi-Stoddard added.
To find out more about Pegalis Law Group, LLC, please call their office number at 516-684-2900, toll-free at 866-MED-MAL7, or visit


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