Saturday, June 25

9/11 Sunrise Memorial Service in Point Lookout


The Town of Hempstead will be holding a Sunrise Memorial Service on Saturday, September 11 at Town Park Point Lookout. This annual beachfront event pays tribute to the men and women lost as a result of the 9/11 terror attacks, as well as recognizes the police officers, firefighters, first responders and volunteer heroes who saved countless lives on that day and in the days following.


Town of Hempstead Supervisor, Donald X. Clavin, Jr., said in a release, “Nearly 20 years ago, many residents were drawn to the beach, only to look west in the distance to see the painful site of the smoke where the Twin Towers once stood. As we approach this emotional anniversary, we invite you to return to the town’s annual beachside Memorial Service on the therapeutic sands along the soothing ocean of Town Park Point Lookout.”


Residents are also encouraged to visit the Town of Hempstead’s 9/11 Memorial Park at Point Lookout, which includes a 30-foot steel beam from the Twin Towers, a special Memorial Table and Memorial Wall.


Town Park Point Lookout is located on Lido Boulevard in Point Lookout.


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