Wednesday, December 8

Gelt Ready for Hanukkah with Chocolate Bagels dipped in Gold


New York-based Bagel of the Month ( is pleased to celebrate Hanukkah this month by offering freshly baked Gelt Bagels dipped in Gold and Blue & White cookies.

“We love being creative at Bagel of the Month Club and it was a no-brainer for us to create The Hanukkah Gelt Bagel Package, which includes 6 New York hand-rolled chocolate chip bagels, dipped in chocolate Ganache & sprinkled with Gold flakes accompanied with 8 mini blue & white cookies,” said Andrew Hazen, CEO of Bagel of the Month.

This limited edition artisan crafted creation will only be available from now thru December 17th, 2020 for $59.95 at and at Bagel Boss Hewlett. “More than 600,000,000 bagels are consumed each year in the US alone; our mission is simple – deliver genuine New York bagels to bagel lovers across the globe!”

“If bagels aren’t from New York than they aren’t real bagels,” adds Alex Rosner, COO and 6th generation bagel baker, and to prove that, Bagel of the Month has already shipped nearly one hundred thousand fresh New York bagels across the country in just months.

Bagel of the Month Club is powered by Bagel Boss, which has 13 locations in New York and has been family owned and operated since 1975.

For more information please visit or contact Andrew Hazen at




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