Saturday, January 16

Bay Shore’s Richie Arnett Wins U.S. Marine Corps’ Fighting Spirit Award


For the last month, the United States Marine Corps have been recognizing outstanding high school athletes in the New York City Area through the “Fighting Spirit Contest.” This campaign was sponsored by the US Marine Corps and activated by BRAINBOX Immersive Marketing. Five nominees shared their stories of displaying exceptional leadership skills, community service or overcoming adversity while exemplifying the same Fighting Spirit that displayed by the United States Marine Corps. Their communities were encouraged to vote for them as the person who most represented the ideals of a fighting spirit, but only one winner was chosen as the “Fighting Spirit” Honor Recipient.

After nearly 1,000 votes were cast, Richie Arnett from Bay Shore High School was named the winner. Richie contemplated giving up football after the tragic loss of his father weeks before his junior season. Ultimately, Richie decided to continue to play to honor his late father. Football served as a release for Richie with the stress and anger that had built up. Richie has dreams of becoming a firefighter for New York City following in his father’s footsteps.

“Having the fighting spirit means to keep going and never give up,” said Arnett. “To always bring positivity around others and continue to be who I really am even in the darkest of times. Always being willing to help one another and never back down from the task at hand.”

An announcement has been made on Twitter (@USMCSports), Facebook (@USMCSports) and Instagram (@uscmla) with a tribute to Richie. The campaign has ended, but you can learn more about the Marines on Facebook: @NYMarines.

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