Saturday, June 25

Governor Cuomo Announces $16.7 for New Long Island Pavement Renewal Projects


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has announced $357 million in funding for the renewal of roadways in every region of New York State, including $16.7 for Long Island. These infrastructure renewal projects will incorporate the use of environmentally conscious construction techniques such as warm-mix asphalt and cold in place asphalt recycling that can be applied at significantly lower temperatures, thereby reducing fuel consumption and decreasing the production of associated greenhouse gas emission during construction. These techniques also allow existing materials to be reused and can reduce the amount of materials that would otherwise be trucked to landfills. The projects announced today are currently being designed and construction will begin next spring.

“New York continues to lead the nation in demonstrating that infrastructure investments supporting economic growth can be balanced with protecting our precious environmental and natural resources,” Governor Cuomo said. “These investments are laying the foundation for sustained growth in tourism and business development while enhancing the resilience of the supporting infrastructure.”

This funding, administered by the New York State Department of Transportation, will support 135 paving projects and the renewal of approximately 1,740 lane miles of pavements across New York State. The projects announced today will be implemented in a manner that is sensitive to the greenhouse gas emission reduction goals established in New York State’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, one of the most ambitious and comprehensive climate laws in the world.

The Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act

On July 18, 2019, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed into law the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA). New York’s climate act is among the most ambitious climate laws in the world and requires New York to reduce economy-wide greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent by 2030 and no less than 85 percent by 2050 from 1990 levels.

Long Island

Approximately $16.7 million in projects to renew 59 lane miles of the following roads in Nassau and Suffolk counties:

  • $ 2.8 million to resurface the Meadowbrook State Parkway from the Southern State Parkway to Glenn Curtis Boulevard in Nassau County.
  • $ 611,000 to resurface Route 25 from Glen Cove Road to Route 25B in Nassau County.
  • $ 3.9 million to resurface Route 27 from Route 454 to Route 112 in Suffolk County.
  • $ 3.8 million to resurface Route 906C (Route 27 South Service Road) from Brentwood Road to Connetquot Avenue in Suffolk County.
  • $ 3.8 million to resurface Route 906D (Route 27 North Service Road) from Connetquot Ave to Brentwood Road in Suffolk County.
  • $ 1.8 million to resurface Route 906A (Long Island Expressway South Service Road) from Bagatelle Road to Route 231 in Suffolk County.


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