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The Best Way of Sabotaging Your Injury Insurance Claims? Skipping Out on Medical Checkups, Lawyers Say


When it comes to an insurance claim due to an injury that is not your fault, there are endless obstacles that can come between you and the settlement or payout that you deserve. But if you want to stack the deck in your favor, one of the most important tidbits of information that you can remember is that when it comes to doctor appointments relating to your case, always take great care NOT to miss them.

If you’ve been injured – be it a personal injury, a medical injury, or an injury sustained on the job – it’s vitally important to keep your medical appointments throughout the process of your injury claim, for a variety of complex reasons.

After all, when you file a claim against an insurance company, you are accusing their client of having hurt you in some way and that they are financially liable; the accused insurance company will pay out on a legitimate claim, but their first duty is defending their client as well as their own bottom line. To that end, any insurance company will conduct a thorough investigation to determine who is actually at fault and the true extent of your alleged injuries, and if you are failing to go to your doctor’s appointments, you’re giving the insurance company valuable ammunition that they can use against you in court.

First of all, medical appointments are evidence- they are proof of the extent and severity of your injuries, and without said proof your case against an insurance company will be an uphill battle. Missing medical appointments can seriously damage your credibility; after all, it’s hard to argue that you are in serious pain and/or disabled if you don’t feel the need to make your doctor’s visits to address the issue that you’re demanding a payout for.

In fact, an insurance company that you are suing can claim that, by ignoring your appointments, you are actually making your physical issues even worse by neglecting them, thus calling into question the severity of your original injury to begin with. In contract, the more visits to the doctor that you make, the stronger you’re making your case that your injury is, in fact, debilitating, painful, and negatively affecting your quality of life.

In addition, attending all of your doctor’s appointments can not only get your money via a settlement or judgment, but it can help you with your medical costs in the here-and-now as well. New York is a no-fault state, so your insurance should cover your medical bills regardless of fault or liability. But play hooky from the doctor, and you may find your insurance company denying your claims, and it won’t take long for the bills to pile up to the rafters if that happens.

Working with an experienced Long Island accident lawyer can help you navigate the complex road towards success in your personal injury case and avoid commonly-made mistakes that can derail your efforts. Also, an injury attorney can often recommend physicians who are conveniently located near you or are situated along major public transportation routes, making it easier for you to make your appointments. In addition, some physicians are known to work with insurance companies to argue against their own patients to reduce awards; an experienced accident attorney can protect their clients from physicians such as these.

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