Monday, August 10

Nassau County Issues COVID-19 Update; Positive Testing Rate Currently 1.1%


Nassau County Executive Laura Curran issued the following update on the county’s current progress in combating the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic:

Nassau County tested 4,594 people yesterday, July 23, and received 51 positive results, putting our rate of residents testing positive for COVID-19 at 1.1%. The relative stability of our key indicators continue to demonstrate the effectiveness of mask-wearing and social distancing. Nassau residents get it, and they’re doing the right thing.

Nassau County hospital systems reported 43 total COVID hospitalizations, the same amount as yesterday. 15 COVID-19 related patients were reported in the ICU, an increase of 5 from yesterday. I’m relieved to report no new deaths from COVID-19 in Nassau County.

Although what comes next is ultimately up to Long Islanders, we’re also closely monitoring virus surges across the country. We continue to urge anyone travelling from at-risk states to follow the Governor’s common sense quarantine protocols.


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