Nassau Republican Caucus Proposes Legislation to Restrict Beach Access for Non-Residents


Following New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio’s recent announcement that New York City beaches will be closed this Memorial Day weekend – visitors can walk on the beach but will not be permitted to gather, play sports, or enter the water – and Nassau County Executive Laura Curran’s subsequent statement on this development, Nassau County Legislature Presiding Officer Richard Nicolello released the following:

“Mayor de Blasio’s decision to keep New York City beaches closed, contrary to the actions of New York State and the surrounding states, could inundate Nassau County and Town of Hempstead beaches with an influx of additional beachgoers, thereby frustrating social distancing safeguards that are in use at Nassau and Town of Hempstead beaches. The Mayor’s decision has dramatic and negative health consequences for Nassau County Residents. In specific, popular beaches in Nassau County lack the capacity to handle the massive influx of beachgoers from New York City in addition to Nassau County residents, while simultaneously working to maintain social distancing guidelines put in place by the Governor. The New York City Mayor’s arbitrary decision will also result in congestion on our roads and could result in open disputes among people seeking entry to the beaches. The Majority Conference of the Nassau County Legislature is introducing emergency legislation to restrict the use of Nassau County beaches to Nassau County residents until Mayor de Blasio joins with all the other state and local governmental leaders in the region and opens New York City beaches.”

The Republican Majority announced that it will hold an emergency Meeting of the Nassau County Legislature at 11am on Wednesday to attempt to pass this measure.


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