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Long Island Prepares to Reopen: Going Back to Work (and Staying Home!) with Peace of Mind


Most Long Islanders are eager to get back to work and resume their normal daily activities as the COVID-19 outbreak shows signs of slowing. However, without a vaccine and with still so much unknown about this easily transmitted virus, there remains a pervasive fear of getting sick and a need for solutions to fight off the coronavirus.

“Our residential clients have been asking us how they can protect themselves and their families at home, and our business clients have been expressing deep concerns about the health and reassurance of their employees and customers. As restrictions loosen, we’ve been working with our residential and commercial clients to deliver services that can best protect all against risk,” says Jim McHale, president of JP McHale Pest Management, located on Long Island, serving homes and businesses throughout the New York region for over 50 years. JP McHale is an Anticimex company, which serves more than three million customers worldwide.

Eliminate COVID-19 and other Viruses: ViroClean Disinfecting JP McHale Pest Management is now offering ViroClean Disinfecting Service, designed to kill COVID-19 and other viruses on inanimate environmental surfaces such as floors, walls, structures, ventilation, and other equipment. This powerful new disinfecting misting procedure can sanitize large areas in short periods of time, achieving maximum effectiveness and minimal downtime. ViroClean disinfecting services include biofogging and hard surface wipe-down for heavily contacted surfaces and high traffic areas. Various options for frequency of treatment, phased treatment and afterhours availability are available. All ViroClean materials have been approved by the EPA as effective for viral elimination.

Current CDC guidelines for reopening address issues, such as physical distancing, protective equipment, cleaning and hygiene, employee screening, and communications planning. “Most people are seeking additional ways to protect their families and businesses and ease concerns as they plan for their future lives and the ‘new normal.’ We’re here to help our residential and business clients navigate through these uncertain times in any way that we can by offering the most progressive, scientifically-tested and proven treatments and solutions,” says Jim McHale.

Mice Seek Shelter in Empty Offices/Restaurants and Homes Filled with Food

McHale reports that mice and rats have emerged as a particular issue for offices and restaurants that have been empty for a while, as well as for homes with families quarantining together with well-stocked food supplies.

The company offers the SMART remote rodent detection and elimination system. SMART devices use heat and motion sensors to track activity and catch rodents without the use of toxic baits. Each type of device is engineered to prevent infiltrations with around-the-clock monitoring and control.

“Mice will inevitably begin to populate inside since the traditional rodent feeding areas (garbage containers) have been cut off,” McHale said. “Empty buildings become a welcome haven for rodents who prefer to run in dark spaces, free of vibrations. They become more aggressive in their pursuit for food.”

McHale reports that with SMART, there is no need for a pest control company to even enter your home or business during the detection phase and extra precautionary measures are taken for any rodent removal needed. “The SMART devices speak to each other via the built-in cellular network technology — without using cameras – to send critical information regarding activity and “catches” to a central data hub where a pest professional will be alerted; there is no need to contact us,” he said.

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