Wednesday, October 20

COVID-19 on Long Island: Over 50K tests administered in Suffolk County


Numbers reported daily by Nassau and Suffolk counties show that there are a total of 46,305 positive cases on Long Island as of Monday night.

Suffolk reported that there are 21,947 confirmed cases at this time and Nassau reported 24,358 Total COVID-19 positives.

Suffolk County has administered 50,130 COVID-19 tests,43.2% of those tested were confirmed positive. Nassau County did not report on the total number of tests administered.

Sadly, 1,478 people have died so far on Long Island from COVID-19. 568 deaths were in Suffolk County and 910 in Nassau County from COVID-19.

On a positive note, overall hospitalizations dropped in Suffolk County for the second day in a row, according to County Executive Steve Bellone during a press conference on Monday. The county also reported that there are 1,595 patients hospitalized, down 19 from April 12. Of those, 539 are in the intensive care unit, which is a decrease of 9 patients from Sunday.

In Nassau, there were 2,464 people hospitalized and of those 573 are in the ICU with 481 on ventilators. The county did report that eight fewer people were on vents from the day before.


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