Friday, March 24

SOCIAL DISTANCING: Tips for Building Digital Relationships with Your Customers 🗓


Wed, March 25th 2pm EDT / Fri, March 27th 11am EDT

No one’s ever lived through an event like the Coronavirus pandemic before. As business owners, this is a scary and uncertain time. However, we can make the most of it and do what we can to keep our companies as healthy as possible.

In this valuable, informative webinar, Jennifer Shaheen, will explain what you can do to keep connected with your customers – even though everyone is staying home. You’ll learn how to use your existing digital marketing tools: your website, social media, email marketing, and text messages – to maintain and even strengthen customer relationships. You might even learn about a few more tools to help you grow your business.




  • How to create a messaging strategy you can rely on throughout the duration of the pandemic crisis


  • Key relationship building strategies that strengthen customer loyalty
  • E-Commerce essentials to help keep your cash flow healthy
  • Leveraging Technology to stay connected and better understand your customers


  • Tips & techniques for managing a work-from-home team that includes yourself

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