Saturday, April 10

Local Business Donates Protective Equipment to Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office


Extra personal protective equipment (PPE) was donated to the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Management Section today by M&C Venture Group of Bellport, NY. Managing Partner Osbert Orduna had announced on Twitter that his organization had extra PPE equipment and would donate it to local law enforcement here on Long Island. This afternoon, he made good on that promise.

“It’s an honor and a privilege for us to help out in any way we can,” said Mr. Orduna. “Hopefully the word gets out and other businesses that have resources in storage will be motivated to do the right thing and donate PPE to first responders.”

Deputy Sheriff Doukas met with Mr. Orduna and received approximately 25 sets of PPE equipment that will be put to good use by the first responders working for the Sheriff’s Office Emergency Management Section.

Sheriff Toulon thanked M&C for helping out in this crisis, “Just yesterday, I was in discussions with my staff about the limited supplies of PPE equipment, and then out of nowhere we received a tweet from M&C in the evening offering some supplies. This is a very generous donation during a time of great need. It shows you how strong the American spirit is during times of crisis, and how we all come together to help one another.”

The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office is compiling information for residents on its website. To access the Coronavirus Information Page, visit and click on the “Coronavirus Public Information” button in the center of the home page. Up-to-date information regarding Sheriff’s Office Bureaus and the Correctional Facilities can be found at the Sheriff’s Office website as well.


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