Thursday, August 11

Governor Cuomo’s “Silver Lining” for Booze ToGo in New York


In Gov. Cuomo’s Press Release he announced that restaurants and bars would be able to resume liqour, beer and wine sales to go to aid through “economic hardship.”

Last night during Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Press Release, he announced the sale of booze ToGo from your favorite bars, restaurants, and distillaries during the novel shutdown.

After announcing that all restaurants, bars, gyms, casinos, and movie theaters were to shut down at 8pm Monday night, Gov. Cuomo stated in his Press Release, that “any bar or restaurant” that there is a “silver lining for these establishments because we are also very aware of the econimc consequences…” he continued, that ‘the State Liquor Authority is going to change it’s rules… to allow bars, restaurants, distillaries to sell their products off-premises… you can purchase through takeout…alleviating economic harship… stay home and order from your favorite rastaurant, bar or winery.”

He said that the rules are not in effect as of yet, but that “the State Liquor Authority will change their laws” to allow the sale of booze durinf the coronavirus shutdown.

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