Wednesday, February 26

Made On Long Island – BABASTE


Coming home after 15 hour long days in construction, Patrick Black would find his wife trying to feed their multiple infants while also attempted to cook dinner. Having that ‘AHA’ moment, Patrick knew a solution was needed and thus he and his daughter Zoe invented a bottle holder so babies and kids could feed themselves.

Founded by Patrick and Zoe Black of Huntington, Long Island, BABASTE is proudly Made On Long Island.

Unlike 95% of most items in our homes, BABASTE is made here on Long Island at PSI Molds in Bethpage. With its patented base, BABASTE enables infants, children and those with disabilities to feed themselves.

Patrick’s daughter Zoe knows a thing or too about BABASTE as she used protoypes herself growing up on Long Island. Currently, Zoe oversees the design and marketing of BABASTE with its innovative design to foster independence and enhance motor skills.

BABASTE is available online at and Amazon.


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